WEC India Energy Portal

WEC India Energy Portal, ( a dedicated, free to access & one stop energy resource center developed totally in-house has been serving the sector. WEC India publishes an ‘India Energy Book’ (IEB), annually which is a compendium of national and international energy statistics.

WEC India Energy Handbook

App version of ‘WEC India Energy handbook 2019’:  (WEC India) has developed an App version of ‘WEC India Energy handbook 2019′. The App version of the handbook was formally launched on 15th April, 2019 by Hon’ble Secretary (Power)/ Chairman (WEC India) Shri A.K. Bhalla.The app version of the handbook can be accessed by using the following links:   Android        iOS

Energy News

‘Energy News’ is a widely circulated daily news bulletin reaching out to close to 10,000 energy professionals. It features news, interviews and opinion related to the sector. It is well appreciated for its content.