The World Energy Council India (WEC India) has the unique distinction of being the only Not for Profit organisation that enjoys complete support of all Energy Sector Ministries. WEC India was constituted by Ministry of Power with an objective of making it a body truly and functionally representative of Energy Sector in India. Accordingly, WEC india works towards “promotion of sustainable use of energy resources for greatest benefit of all.” The AIMS and OBJECTS of the society are aligned to and are consistent with these principles, and therefore, unlike membership of many other bodies, WEC India does not commit any reciprocal benefits for its members. However, direct or indirect benefits of WEC India’s work are available to the community at large, to which members also have access. WEC takes pride making its programmes and final products to common public irrespective of membership status. We provide open access not only to all of WEC’s studies, reports, technical work and regional reports but also to a wide variety of information available from and through WEC’s London based headquarter.


Dialogue Platforms and Communities

WEC India offers unique networking opportunities in the energy community both nationally and internationally. India Energy Congress, the annual flagship event of WEC India is an apex congregation of energy professionals; is an excellent networking platform of the national level. World Energy Congress organised by WEC once in three years, is a high level international networking platform.

Information Dissemination

WEC India publishes an annual report called the “India Energy Book”, which is a comprehensive reference on Indian Energy Sector. Besides this, the book also presents projections and scenarios from integrated Energy Policy and international Energy outlook of IEA.   “WEC India Energy Portal” is a dedicated comprehensive one-stop portal energy information on Indian as well as Global Energy Sector.

Global Studies

WEC India nominates experts in the global study groups of WEC, who have an opportunity to not only contribute but also rally India’s point of view on certain critical issues such as climate change. These experts help shaping the agenda of the studies as well as critically review the final reports.

International Outreach

WEC India provides the sector access to the global outreach.
> Unique networking opportunities

> Opportunity to establish dialogue and exchange views

> Opportunity to identify new business partners

> Possibility to connect with organizations and institutions

India-Future Energy Leaders’ Program

While the main focus of WEC India remains Policy Research & Advocacy. It has also started participating in energy projects to gather firsthand information and experience. Energy Access and Solarisation of Agricultural Pumps have been identified as some of the focus areas.

Knowledge Networks (KNs)

WEC India has adopted the model of ‘Knowledge Networks’ (KNs) to leverage the expertise available across the sector. The KNs facilitate experts to come together across organizational and disciplinary boundaries to collaborate productively. The work of the KNs would lead to studies,