WEC Studies

WEC is well known on the global energy scene for its authoritative reports, analyses, research, case studies, medium and long-term energy projections, and policy and strategy recommendations.The work of the organisation spans the entire energy spectrum — coal, oil, natural gas, nuclear, hydro and new renewables — and focuses on such topical areas as market restructuring; energy efficiency; energy and the environment; financing energy systems; energy pricing and subsidies; energy poverty; ethics; benchmarking and standards; use of new technologies; and energy issues in developed, transitional, developing countries.

World Energy Issues Monitor

Understand the issues shaping the global and regional energy agenda: from the financial crisis to the water-energy nexus and the role of CCS and renewables, what issues keep energy leaders awake at night?

Energy Sustainability Index

Assess the sustainability of national energy policies: how do countries perform in their likely ability to balance the three dimension of the Energy Trilemma: energy security, social equity, environmental impact mitigation?

World Energy Efficiency Indicators

Monitor trends in energy use and CO2 emissions: follow the evolution of 50 global energy efficiency indicators to better understand policies’ impact.

WEC India Studies

WEC India is currently undergoing a transformation to assume newer and greater roles relevant to the Indian Energy Sector in line with the recast vision” to be the foremost energy think tank in the country and voice of the sector. Policy Advocacy based on research is identified as one of the key work programs.

Member Organisations have an opportunity to nominate experts from their organization in the global study groups of WEC. Presently more than 30 experts represent WEC India in WEC studies.These studies include Surveying Energy Resources and Technologies, assessment of national energy policies across the world and exploring possible global energy futures and analysing critical uncertainties.

WEC India has undertaken several projects in partnership with member organisation to deepen its understanding of the issues of the energy sector and share the learnings with the stakeholders. While the main focus of WEC India remains “Policy Research & Advocacy” , it has begun participating in energy projects to gather firsthand information and experience. First such initiative is Energy Poverty Alleviation(EPA) project through Decentralised Distributed Generation route. Energy Access figures as an agenda with most of the member organisations and is a Government priority as well. WEC India is also planning to take up demonstration projects.

Way forward for Power Markets in India


WEC India conducted a study on “Way forward for Power Markets in India; to identify issues related to Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) and Distribution Sector and suggesting remedial measures” in professional partnership with Deloitte.

Alternate Methodology for Electricity Demand Assessment & Forecasting

WEC India conducted a study on “Alternate Methodology for Electricity Demand Assessment & Forecasting” under the chairmanship of Shri Rakesh Nath in professional partnership with PwC.

Energy Poverty Alleviation



 Energy Access (EA) forms one of the core pillars of WEC & WEC India. Energy Poverty has been the cause of concern and centre of discussions on various forums world over decades.Around 400 million people have no access to electricity…